Lincoln Dental Clinic: Discounted Tooth Extractions

Most dentists will attempt to save teeth if at all possible. Dentists will usually perform tooth extractions as a last resort to keep you healthy and infection-free. Lincoln Dental Plans offers 25% off and other oral surgeries, so you don’t have to avoid necessary treatment if you don’t have insurance! This gives you access to discounted tooth extractions and a handful of discounts on other potentially expensive procedures.

Cheap dentists are hard to come by. Let our dental discount plans do the work.

Lincoln Dental Clinic: Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Dentists perform tooth extractions for many reasons:

  • Dental Trauma
  • Upcoming Orthodontic Treatment
  • Broken Teeth
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Infected or Cracked Teeth­­

Usually, root canal therapy is the method dentists use to try to save a tooth that has become infected or severely damaged. But when a tooth is beyond repair, dentists perform extractions. Our partners at any of the Nebraska Family Dentistry locations can extract your tooth quickly and efficiently. In conjunction with Lincoln Dental Plans, any NFD location will also offer you discounted tooth extractions.

Woman receiving discounted Tooth Extractions

Lincoln Dental Clinic: Dental Infection and Overall Health

Dental infections occur as a result of bacteria in or around teeth. If a large cavity reaches the nerve, an infection will occur and cause significant pain. A tooth infection can spread to your body since everything you eat and drink goes through your mouth. For this reason, it’s crucial to see your dentist regularly.

While it can be scary and sometimes embarrassing, it will end up saving you money on costly procedures in the long run. Besides, our partners offer anxiety-free and embarrassment-free dentistry.

The resulting bodily infection from a person’s mouth can sometimes lead to the inflammation of your organs. This inflammation leads in turn to heart disease, diabetes, immune system disorders, and other significant health concerns. When you have access to discounted tooth extractions, there’s no need to avoid having infections removed, especially when it avoids a slew of other concerns!

You can learn more about the way your oral health relates to your overall health here.

Lincoln Dental Clinic: The Tooth Extraction Process

If you have to receive a tooth extraction, it might help to know what you’re getting into. The process of a tooth extraction is as follows:

  1. The dental staff will take x-rays to assess the condition of your tooth and the surrounding bone.
  2. The dentist will look at your dental history to ensure your health is good enough for tooth extraction.
  3. You will receive different options for anesthesia.
  4. The dental staff will give you anesthesia, to ensure a comfortable procedure.
  5. Your dentist will remove the tooth gently and carefully.
  6. The dentist will cover your tooth’s socket with gauze.
  7. Sometimes, the dentist will use small stitches to help the site heal.

After The Extraction

Following the extraction, you can expect moderate discomfort and swelling in your mouth. You can tend to the swelling using ibuprofen and an ice pack. Sometimes your dentist will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection during your recovery. After a few days, your discomfort will disappear and you’ll be back to normal!

Lincoln Dental Clinic: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tooth extraction cost?

Having teeth pulled can sometimes cost up to $300 without insurance. Even for cheap dentists, tooth extraction can be expensive. But for those without insurance, Lincoln Dental Plans offers discounted tooth extractions, covering 25% of the cost. Most of our providers also offer payment plans if you can’t pay for extraction all at once.

How long does tooth extraction take?

For tooth extraction procedures, you can expect your appointment to take about 45 minutes. Recovery usually only takes a couple of days, but sometimes you will feel better even sooner.

Is the tooth removal/ extraction procedure painful?

During the extraction, you’ll be numb with anesthetics and thus, should not experience any pain. We’ll ensure that you’re effectively numb before the procedure begins. Tooth extractions are simple. Your dentists will carefully examine your teeth to be sure that the extraction is comfortable and safe. You’ll probably have some soreness afterward, but it should subside in a few days.

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