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Lincoln Dental Clinic:
Affordable Dentistry

It doesn’t take long for dental costs to add up. Affordable dentistry is tough to find, which is why we started Lincoln Dental Plans. All of our Dental Clinic locations offer affordable dental care through our dental plans, allowing you to get the care you deserve without spending a fortune.

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Lincoln Dental Clinic:
General Dentistry

Lincoln Dental Plans offers affordable dental care for those who don’t have insurance. Our dental clinics offer excellent cleaning and exams at multiple locations at discounted rates for LDP members.

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Lincoln Dental Clinic:
Emergency Dentistry

It’s not uncommon to experience a dental emergency. Even more, these emergencies usually happen at the worst times. Lincoln Dental Plans also offers discounted dental coverage for emergency services. Our dental group has a dedicated phone line and after-hours care for emergencies. They want to make sure you’re taken care of as soon as possible. Call 402-840-9783 for after-hours emergencies to be seen as soon as possible.

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Lincoln Dental Clinic:
Family Dentistry

Many of us have had negative experiences at the dentist. Whether our patients are kids, parents, or seniors, Lincoln Dental Plans is proud to provide family-friendly services for all. As if affordable dentistry wasn’t enough, our dental plans work with the top dentists in town. Our dental clinics boast a well-trained team, especially in the area of family dentistry. Their team members are specifically taught how to calm anxious patients, for both children and adults. Families with LDP memberships can rest assured that they are in good hands.

LDP Annual Plan $395 Per Year

Annual Plan Benefits
For Lincoln Dental Plans

All X-rays
Comprehensive Exam
2 Emergency Exams
2 Routine Dental Cleanings (Every 12 Months)
25% Discount on Select Procedures

LDP offers discounts on the following procedures:

Regular Cleanings
Deep Cleanings
Periodontal Maintenance
Dental Crowns (Excludes Cosmetic Crowns)
White Fillings
Root Canals

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Does Lincoln Dental Plans cover cosmetic dentistry?

Unfortunately, Lincoln Dental Plans does not cover the cost of cosmetic dentistry. However, when you are connected with a skilled dentist in the Lincoln, NE area, they will walk you through every step. In addition to being able to use a discount dental plan at our dental clinics, these dentists also offer dental payment plans and accept many forms of payment, including cash, check, or credit card.

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