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Endodontic therapy, otherwise known as root canal therapy, removes the infected center of a tooth and replaces it with a filling. Without insurance, root canal therapy can become costly very quickly. Thankfully, Lincoln Dental Plans offers 25% off on root canals.

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Patients often ask if root canals are painful. Typically, root canals are comfortable and easy. Root canals are a very affordable procedure for treating severe toothaches. Any of our partners are glad to give you a root canal. They perform root canals daily, and are well-equipped to treat patients for root canals. In the rare case that they can’t perform your root canal, they’ll gladly refer you to an endodontist, or a root canal expert.

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How Much Does Root Canal Therapy Cost?

If dental insurance can’t cover the cost of a root canal, Lincoln Dental Plans can. The cost of a root canal depends on the severity and the position of the tooth. Our partners at Nebraska Family Dentistry will walk you through the cost of treatment. Our plans allow patients to receive the treatment they need, even without insurance.

Lincoln Dental Clinic: Causes of a Root Canal

Most of the time, infection and inflammation in the center of a tooth causes root canals. The most common cause of this is a cavity that reaches the nerve at the tooth’s root. A regular cavity won’t cause any pain to the tooth. But if a cavity reaches the nerve, it will cause a toothache. At this point, root canal therapy is necessary. If a patient leaves decay untreated, their tooth will become inflamed and often cause a dental abscess. Extensive fillings or crowns and severe trauma also cause root canals.

This is where your dentist will come into the picture. If decay or trauma needed to be treated in the past, dentists would have to remove the tooth. However, in modern dentistry, dentists can perform a root canal and place a crown much of the time. This saves your tooth instead of removing it, so patients can still use their teeth like normal.

Lincoln Dental Clinic: Frequently Asked Questions about Root Canal Therapy

Does root canal therapy hurt?

Root canal therapy utilizes anesthesia, which numbs the patient’s mouth. Lincoln Dental Plans also partners with the Nebraska Family Dentistry group, Lincoln’s leaders in sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry ensures that patients are comfortable and relaxed. This method uses a blend of aromas, blankets, pillows, and headphones. These factors all help contribute to a pleasant dental experience.

Is root canal therapy better than a dental implant?

If a tooth is not too severely infected, root canal therapy is a great option. Sometimes implants can cause bone loss or difficulty chewing, and root canals can help to avoid these problems. At times, a tooth that is very seriously infected or inflamed will require extraction and an implant instead of root canal therapy.

I’m looking for a dentist near me that accepts Aetna dental insurance. Can Lincoln Dental Plans help me?

We made Lincoln Dental Plans mainly for those without dental insurance. However, we’ll help in any way that we can! Contact our providers for more information about insurance. You can rest assured though, you won’t need to ask, “Where can I find a dentist near me that accepts Aetna dental insurance?” Our partners accept the vast majority of dental insurance plans. Further, our providers are scattered across Lincoln. One of our providers is bound to be near your neighborhood, for your convenience.

Should an endodontist perform my root canal?

Dr. Jodi Day at Coddington Dental can usually perform a root canal in 1 or 2 appointments without the need for an endodontist. In rare cases, a root canal will require an endodontist if the procedure is more complicated than a routine root canal.

If you have a toothache or a painful abscess, call our partners or make an appointment below. When you do, be sure to ask them about Lincoln Dental Plans, and they’ll help you sign up.

I’m looking for an affordable root canal procedure. Can Lincoln Dental Plans help?

Yes! We work with offices all across Lincoln that offer our plans. Lincoln Dental Plans allows patients to have access to low-cost dental care, including root canal procedures. Our affordable dental discount plans can help you find an affordable dentist near you. Use the form below to schedule an appointment with any of our providers, or call them today!

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Root Canals
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