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Inexpensive dental care is just a phone call away! Our providers would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about our dental plans. You can also call us at (402) 937-9381.

Lincoln Dental Plans is currently used at four convenient locations across Lincoln, Nebraska. Click a logo to be directed to the location’s website.

Northstar Dental Contact Us information

NorthStar Dental

Phone: 402-742-0000
Text: 402-413-8486
5800 N 33rd. Street
Lincoln, NE 68504

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Lincoln Family Dentistry Contact Us Information

Lincoln Family Dentistry

Phone: 402-467-1000
Text: 402-413-8589
5500 O Street
Lincoln, NE 68510

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Southpointe Dental

Call: 402-423-3333
Text: 413-7223
7940 South. 13th Street
Lincoln, NE 68512

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Coddington Dental Contact Us Information

Coddington Dental

Phone: 402-438-5555
Text: 402-413-5572
1320 West A Street
Lincoln, NE 68522

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preserve family dentistry logo

Preserve Family Dentistry

Phone: 402-413-7000
4303 S 84th St
Lincoln, NE 68516

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