Affordable Dentures

While there are many different solutions for tooth loss, many of them can quickly become expensive. There are certain benefits and detriments to every method of tooth replacement. One thing is for certain though: every option should offer affordable dentures, so you have access to the best option for you.


Complete and Partial Dentures

It’s no secret that losing teeth can be scary, but perhaps the toughest part is deciding what to do next. Our partners at Nebraska Family Dentistry are willing and ready to help you talk through the options.

Nebraska Family Dentistry offers both traditional and partial denture sets. They use dentures that are durable and adaptable for the severe pressures endured by your mouth. Flexible partial dentures provide you with an exceptionally comfortable and beautiful smile.

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Affordable Dentures Implanted

Removable dentures often become loose, making it hard to chew and speak. Nebraska Family Dentistry offers implant dentures instead, to give you a strong, healthy bite. These implants help support your dentures, so you don’t have to worry about dentures coming loose. This gives you full confidence to smile, speak and chew without fear of anyone noticing your dentures.

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Hybrid Prosthesis

Traditional dentures aren’t for everyone. A new implant technology, called fixed hybrid prosthesis, allows dentists to place a permanent dental restoration. These “dentures” are fixed and will function exactly like real teeth. Hybrid prosthesis is the most effective way to retain a natural-looking smile. Sometimes called “Teeth-in-one-day,” prosthesis is quick and easy, but not always affordable.


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Broken or Cracked Dentures

If your dentures become cracked or broken, you can let our partners know at Nebraska Family Dentistry. Typically they are able to repair dentures in 1-2 days. If they are not able to repair your dentures, they will usually be able to replace your dentures relatively quickly.


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