Family Dentistry
Dental Plans for the Entire Family

The dental professionals we work with are excellent at helping patients relax and feel comfortable. By offering affordable dental plans, we make family dentistry even more attainable for anybody in Lincoln without dental insurance. Our partners at Nebraska Family Dentistry offer the most gentle practices in the state by taking the time to treat even the youngest children with great care.

All of our partners are verified to provide excellent family dentistry. For any Lincoln Dental Plans member, this means affordable dental care for the whole family. No need to worry about your family’s oral health anymore! Our dental discount plan gives you the opportunity to care for the whole family without emptying your wallet!


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Dental Cleanings are Free

Dental cleanings are important for the whole family! When you have Lincoln Dental Plans, dental cleanings and exams are free for you and your family. If that isn’t enough, having your teeth cleaned every six months will result in lower dental costs in the future. Cleanings allow your dentists to catch any potential problems before they grow to need more extensive treatment.


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Root Canals

When teeth become severely infected, root canal therapy is usually the best option. Taking care of an infected tooth benefits your overall health since everything that goes through your body passes through your mouth. We offer coverage for root canal therapy through Nebraska Family Dentistry. Their doctors provide care that is gentle enough for any member of the family.


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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s dentistry is one of our main focuses at Lincoln Dental Plans. It’s important to start early in teaching your kids about good oral health. Our partners offer a fun and welcoming atmosphere so kids can learn to love the dentist. We know that if children grow comfortable with the dentist from a young age, they will live a life of good oral hygiene. Building healthy habits takes a partnership between families and their dentist, and we’ll do whatever we can to help LDP members do just that.


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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns correct crooked or damaged teeth. Crowns are made out of porcelain and other materials to strengthen your teeth. They also blend in with your other teeth for a natural look. Similarly, bridges replace missing teeth using a tooth-colored implant. Unfortunately for some, crowns and bridges can be expensive without insurance. The good news is that Lincoln Dental Plans include discounted treatment for placing crowns and bridges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Dentistry

Can children get root canals?

In some cases, it may be necessary to perform root canal therapy on children. If a child’s baby tooth is severely decayed or infected, sometimes a root canal is the best way to save the tooth. Although an adult tooth will come in later, it can still help to have a root canal done. Anytime our providers perform a root canal on children, they’re sure to be extra accommodating. Our providers are experts at keeping child patients calm and comfortable.

How does Lincoln Dental Plans work?

Lincoln Dental Plans is a dental discount plan that offers discounted and free services for a yearly fee. It’s primarily for those without dental insurance. Check out our guide to LDP here.

Does Lincoln Dental Plans apply to families?

Yes! We can offer plans to each individual in your family. That way, parents and kids alike can receive the dental care they need to keep their teeth healthy.

I’m looking for a dentist near me that accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance. Is Lincoln Dental Plans for me?

We made Lincoln Dental Plans primarily for families and individuals without dental insurance. However, we can potentially offer help those looking for a dentist that accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield. Feel free to call any of our providers and ask how they can help. Many of them accept most major insurances. After speaking with them, you won’t have to wonder “How can I find a dentist near me that accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield?”

I’m having trouble affording dental care. Can Lincoln Dental Plans help?

Yes. In fact, our goal as an organization is to make every office seem like a cheap dentist. All of our providers offer top-notch dental care, and we’re happy to offer excellent, affordable dental care to everyone in Lincoln, Nebraska.



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