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Dr. Kimberly Polley

Family, Teenager, and Children’s Dentist in Lincoln, NE

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Dr. Polley appreciates each patient and always wants them to feel comfortable while in her care. There have been many of us who have had bad experiences while at the dentist and as a result, Dr. Polley hopes to change that for her patients. Most importantly, Dr. Polley wants to help patients know their importance, feeling safe while in her care.

Dr. Kim Polley, a family dentist, visiting with a patient at NorthStar Dental in Lincoln, NE (North Lincoln Dental Clinic).

In her past, Dr. Polley worked as a nursing assistant and a legal aide. Both of those experiences allowing her to meet many different people all at various stages within their lives. Because of this experience, Dr. Polley gained many advantages over other family dentists. Throughout the years, she has been able to help patients overcome their dental anxiety, guide them through managing their discomfort, and help them work through their self-esteem concerns. Dr. Polley strives to boost the confidence of every patient. Ultimately, she wants to make them feel great and have a confident smile when they walk out the door. Furthermore, Dr. Polley believes in treating every patient as though they are one of her family members. She respects and values input from each patient and does not push anyone past their limits. Dr. Polley wants you to know that you are in control of your treatment. She will assist you in making only the best decisions; ones that will positively impact you and your quality of life.

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North Lincoln Dental Clinic: More About Your Family Dentist in Lincoln, NE – Dr. Polley

Dr. Polley isn’t only a superstar inside the office. She has a proven record that shows her dedication to many other things. Traveling is one of them. Dr. Polley has been to 17 different countries. That’s pretty impressive! She is originally from Hastings, Nebraska and has siblings in California and Arizona.

Dr. Polley married in June 2018. Together, she and her husband have enjoyed spending time outdoors. The two of them love hiking, and of course, traveling. They also like to spend time with their dogs, Pepper and Wally. If you are out and about, you may find Dr. Polley at her favorite restaurant, MoMo’s Pizza. Thus far, Dr. Polley has accomplished many things, but there are just a few more things she would like to cross off of her list. If she could, she would learn to fly, sing, and sit down with Betty White for dinner.

Dr. Polley would be honored to take care of you and your dental needs. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you create the smile you have always wanted and deserve.

Image of dental equipment. This state of the art technology can be found when visiting your Lincoln, NE family dentist, Dr. Kim Polley.

North Lincoln Dental Clinic: A Few Fun Questions To Help You Get To Know Dr. Polley Better:

Tell us about your family!

What is something super cool about yourself or your family?

My husband and I have two unique dogs, they are both Chow Chows.

How is your free time spent?

My husband and I enjoy spending time with our extended family as well as our nieces and nephews. We also enjoy hiking and trying new restaurants together.

Your tip for a great smile?

Be confident and proud of your smile.

Why do you love most about being a dentist?

I love helping people find comfort and confidence in their smiles.

What is the best anti-aging advice?

Do not sweat the small stuff, it can really get you down and it’s not worth the stress.

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