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If you’re looking to upgrade your smile, Dr. Brad Alderman can help. He’s a cosmetic dentist with several years of experience, and he’s ready to treat your needs today. Dr. Brad can perform almost any cosmetic procedure you’re looking for, and he’ll gladly help you achieve your desired results.

Lincoln Dental Clinic: Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist

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Dr. Brad Alderman received his undergraduate in exercise and physical science from the University of Wyoming and his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) from University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry.

Dr. Alderman mainly practices at Coddington Dental (West Lincoln location) and SouthPointe Dental (South Lincoln location). He is known to his patients as an artist because of his skills in cosmetic dentistry. This Lincoln dentist is dedicated to providing his patients with top quality cosmetic dental treatment. He strives to give his patients a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

When Dr. Brad Alderman is not seeing patients, he is spending time with his wife, Kathryn, and their three children. He also enjoys exercising, reading in his favorite local Lincoln coffee shop, and watching movies.

After years of practice, my passion for cosmetic and general dentistry remains the driving force of my professional life. I am thankful for the knowledge and capabilities that I have acquired and the experience in cosmetic dentistry I have gained. My continued education each year allows me the opportunity to gain an even greater ability to assist my patients and bring them the confidence and health that they entrust in me and my team. Every chance to relieve a person of either physical and/or emotional pain gives me strength to work even harder for their benefit. Other than my loving wife and three children, my practice will always be the top priority in my life. That is the promise and commitment I make to each of you!”

– Dr. Brad Alderman

Lincoln Dental Clinic: We asked Dr. Brad Alderman some questions:

What do you do during your free time?

Reading, traveling, exercising, spending time with my wife and children.

Your greatest accomplishment?

I am proud of my family and career to this point, but the best is yet to come.

Best anti-aging advice?

Lighten up and floss!

What is one tip for a great smile?

Keep a strict routine to keep a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Lincoln Dental Clinic: Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

You’re probably familiar with the term “cosmetic dentistry.” Cosmetic dentistry can consist of any dental procedure which seeks to enhance the appearance of a person’s smile. Although cosmetic dentistry is mainly for improving how a smile looks, it often benefits a person’s oral health too. The following are considered cosmetic procedures in the dental field.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are a cosmetic solution made to cover up imperfections in a person’s smile. Composed out of thin sheets of porcelain, veneers are a versatile solution that blends in with your teeth and gums. They can be used for anything from teeth whitening to instant orthodontics, and everything in between.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Among the most common cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening is a way to make your smile shine more brightly. With teeth whitening, Dr. Brad Alderman is able to customize the whiteness of your teeth for the ideal look and feel. We offer Opalescence and Zoom whitening. These also include take-home whitening trays, so you can customize a whitening plan for yourself from the convenience of your home.

Dental Implants

Dental implants come in a handful of different types. Unlike dentures, dental implants are completely permanent and need only to be cleaned with thorough brushing and flossing, like real teeth. Dental implants are an excellent solution for anyone in need of teeth replacement. Although many are deterred by their cost, they actually last much longer than other teeth replacement solutions. Similarly, implants never need to be replaced whereas dentures often need to be fixed or completely replaced. Further, we offer free consultations for implants, so even if you don’t think you can afford them, you can learn more based on your specific smile.


Dentures are false teeth which can be removed for cleaning. Dentists place dentures for patients missing multiple teeth or a whole mouth of teeth. While they aren’t the perfect teeth replacement solution, it’s easier to find cheap dentures than cheap implants. This is because dentures are not made to last as long as implants, and are thus a good short-term solution.

Metal-Free Fillings

In this day and age, it’s ever more important to have metal-free fillings. A growing link between metal, or amalgam, fillings and overall health problems is actively being established in the health world. For that reason, Lincoln Family Dentistry only places metal-free fillings. Because of the composite we use in fillings, they’ll blend right in with your smile. Our fillings are made up of only the best materials, and will keep you healthy and happy for years to come.

With any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to communicate your needs and desires clearly. Your specific procedure will be better off if you are honest with your dentist. Be sure to let them know your concerns and desires, and they’ll talk you through your options. To schedule a free consultation for cosmetic treatment, you can call us at 402-467-1000, or use the form below.

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