Dental Veneers


How Dental Veneers Help

Dental veneers can help fix small flaws in your smile. Sometimes they can be used in place of braces to keep teeth straight and in place. They can also correct the shade and shape of your teeth. Thus, veneers are a great cosmetic solution and are used commonly for many different problems.

Dental veneers use composite or porcelain materials to cover up worn teeth enamel. They are also helpful in fixing tooth alignment, spacing, cracks, and chips. The benefits of veneers are outstanding, which is why they remain so commonly used.

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Cost of Dental Veneers

The cost of dental veneers varies pretty significantly. It’s difficult to pinpoint a price without first figuring out the material used and the number of teeth that need veneers.


Treatment Planning and Consultation

Sometimes it can be tough to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for dental veneers. Because of this, it’s important to schedule a consultation. In the consultation, your dentist will evaluate the state of your mouth and talk you through the possible treatment methods. For many, dental veneers are the best option.

Because the nature of dental veneers is not reversible, your dentist will need to consider any alternatives that might yield similar results. If you and your dentist decide on veneers, the dentist will evaluate your mouth further to decide what will be most helpful in matching and correcting your teeth. This is called the treatment plan, or the details on how your veneers will be developed and applied.

Remember that the consultation is a discussion between you and your dentist. Your preferences will always be a part of the conversation. Length, shape, color, and width are factors your dentist will ask about to help him or her perfect your smile. Be as honest as possible to help guide your dentist.

Dental Veneer Treatment Length

Dental veneers will typically take two appointments to complete, following your consultation. The first appointment will include a mold to make your temporary veneers. Then, the dentist will remove a small portion of your natural teeth to prepare them for your veneers. Your dentist will then take a final impression of your teeth to send it to a dental lab. The lab will formulate permanent veneers for you. Your dentists will place the permanent veneers at a final appointment.



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