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Lincoln Dental Clinic: LDP’s Recommended Children’s Dentist

A children’s dentist is trained to treat children of all ages. Effective children’s dentists know how to keep your child calm, ensuring great oral health.

Dr. Jodi Day at Coddington Dental is a children’s dentist for the West Lincoln community. Dr. Day teaches parents the importance of primary (baby) teeth regarding the overall health of young children. She recommends taking your child to the dentist by age one or when the first baby tooth appears and understands how important that first dental visit is for the whole family. It is important to Dr. Day and the entire team at Coddington Dental to make the child feel comfortable and to educate parents and guardians on how to best care for your child’s teeth.

Dr. Jodi Day welcomes parents and children to visit her office for a casual visit before the first dental appointment to ensure your child’s experience will be friendly and comfortable and to prepare your child for the first visit.

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Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Your child’s primary teeth are at risk for cavities as soon as they first appear, which is often as early as six months. Cavities in infants and toddlers are referred to as milk cavities or baby bottle tooth decay. Baby teeth have a thinner layer of enamel than adult teeth which makes them more susceptible to cavities.

If a baby teeth are lost due to cavities before an adult tooth is ready to replace it, the remaining teeth may shift or tip and not leave enough room for the adult tooth to come in. Also, if cavities progress, they can become painful for the child and lead to health-threatening infections. The good news is cavities are preventable.

Read more about children’s dental health here.

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Lincoln Dental Clinic: Recommendations For Maintaining a Child’s Oral Health

  • Maintain excellent at-home dental habits. Research shows that bacteria from your mouth can pass to your children leading to a weakened immune system. Taking care of your oral health and treating Periodontal disease and cavities is critical. The bacteria that causes cavities and periodontal disease are most often transmitted from parents to children by 15 months of age. Parents are role models for maintaining good oral health. Children will model the habits of their parents, especially with regards to oral hygiene. Even while expecting, it is highly recommended to visit the dentist for your regular checkups.
  • Begin brushing infant teeth with a washcloth starting with their very first tooth. Once the child is 1-3 years old, use a small soft-bristled toothbrush with a smear of toothpaste. Once your child can spit after brushing, usually around four years, you can begin to use a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • Teach your toddler to drink from a cup by 12-15 months and avoid putting toddlers and infants to bed with milk or juice once those first baby teeth appear. Drinking from a cup makes it less likely for milk or juice to pool around the teeth, especially at night.
  • Limit sticky and sugary snacks such as fruit snacks, gummies, and fruit roll ups to confined periods of time or near meal times. These types of foods can become especially problematic if your child consumes them often.
  • Avoid juices and sports drinks like Gatorade. If possible, do so near meal time or finish within 20 minutes and follow up with water. At sports events, have children drink water instead of Gatorade to stay hydrated.
  • Give children the independence to brush and floss their teeth, but always be sure to “check” on them afterward. Use this as an opportunity to re-brush, re-floss, and praise them for their hard work. Children can have lots of enthusiasm for brushing, but often don’t master the dexterity and maturity to brush on their own until around age 8 and floss on their own until age 10-12. Without extra guidance, children often miss brushing and flossing tricky areas, especially near their back teeth.
  • Establish good dental habits by visiting a children’s dentist for regular 6-month checkups. A children’s dentist can explain procedures such as applying a numbing agent or removing a cavity in words a child can understand. Dr. Jodi Day likes to use visual aids to help children understand procedures and how to best care for their teeth.

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Dr. Day can refer you to specialists should your child’s needs extend beyond the general dentist’s office. Dr. Day is comfortable expanding the circle of care for a young child with more complex dental needs. She welcomes parents and caregivers who are searching for a kind and gentle dental experience for their children.

If you are looking for a children’s dentist, consider visiting Dr. Jodi Day at Coddington Dental.

Lincoln Dental Plans partners with Coddington Dental for a few reasons. One, in particular, is Dr. Jodi Day’s amazing work with children. We understand that it is easy for children to develop a negative view of the dentist, but starting off early with a caring and calming dentist will help them feel a lasting comfort with a dentist’s office.

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