Experiencing a Broken Tooth?

For immediate dental care, please call 402-840-9783.

If you have a broken tooth, we know just where to send you. In the meantime, we have a few home remedies to suggest to help you take care of it.

What to Do After a Dental Emergency:


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What to Do From Home

Cracked, split, or broken teeth can be frightening. If your tooth is broken, try to keep the broken piece or pieces. It’s possible that your dentist could reattach the broken pieces. If it’s painful, use an anti-inflammatory pain reliever to relieve some of the swelling and pain you might be experiencing.

Then, call our partners at Nebraska Family Dentistry to see an emergency dentist. Immediately visiting a dentist will help you avoid any more infections or breakage. Your dentist will talk about your options and help you choose the best solution. Be sure to share any details with the dentist about what happened and how it feels.

Nebraska Family Dentistry offers office hours on weeknights and the weekends for emergency dental care. The number listed is their dental emergency line to help you get in to see them as soon as possible.

How the Dentist Will Help

Depending on the severity of your broken tooth, your dentist will help you determine the next step. If a significant amount of your tooth is still intact, your dentist may use a crown to protect the tooth from further damage. If the tooth is irreparable, the dentist may use root canal therapy to salvage your tooth. In doing this, the infection in your tooth will be removed, and the healthy part of your tooth will be saved. After the root canal procedure, your dentist will place a crown to keep your tooth safe from further infection.

With our partners, you can expect cheap dental costs without sacrificing quality care. Our dental discount plans will help cover your emergency costs. We’re glad to help you receive affordable dentistry when you need it most.

Call our partners at 402-840-9783, and they’ll get you in as soon as you can.



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