7 Simple Ways to Keep Dental Costs Down

Low-Cost Dentistry

Most people want to be healthy and have good oral health, but sometimes it comes at a cost. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, it might feel like it’s going to cost some anxiety and embarrassment. Most of all, it’s easy for finances to add up quickly, especially if you don’t have insurance. Usually, the more severe the dental concerns are, the more expensive the treatment becomes.

How to Find a Low-Cost Dental Plan “near me?”

Here at Lincoln Dental Plans, our goal is to make your dental treatment affordable for you and your family. Lincoln Dental Plans will allow you to have exceptional care and routine dental cleanings for you and your children. Yes, we have a dental plan for children, too!

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Lincoln Dental Plans can help you connect with an affordable dentist in the Lincoln, Nebraska, area. Lincoln Dental Plans is a low-cost dental discount plan that you do not have to have contracts or obligation to use. We want you to be satisfied, but you can cancel at any time. You will have 30 days to decide our satisfaction-guaranteed policy. If you are not completely satisfied, you can get your money back if it’s within the first 30 days of your membership.

Lincoln Dental Plans exists to alleviate these costs and concerns. We believe in quality but affordable dental care. Whether or not you are an LDP member, we came up with seven simple ways to help you achieve low-cost dentistry.


1. Use up your insurance benefits every year

Most dental insurances have a “maximum.” A dental insurance maximum is an amount your insurance company will pay for dental treatment before you have to pay the entirety of your procedures – as opposed to only a percentage. Because you pay for insurance, an excellent way to get the most out of your money is to use up your allowed maximum as frequently as you can.

Note that Lincoln Dental Plans does not give you a maximum each year. There is no end to your savings if you’re a member. We won’t cap your discounts. Since there is no cap, this makes Lincoln Dental Plans a great discount dental plan. Affordable dental care is closer than you thought.

2. Take advantage of regular cleanings and exams

Keeping up with your dental cleanings and exams can also help you keep your dental costs down to a minimum. One goal of regular dental cleanings and exams is to catch smaller, cheaper dental problems before they become more costly. Low-cost dentistry starts with routine maintenance covered by almost every insurance company or dental plan. If you keep your mouth clean and healthy, your dental treatment costs will be next to nothing!

3. Fix cavities as soon as possible

Contrary to what some people think, cavities don’t actually hurt. When you have a cavity, it can be tempting to put off treatment since it doesn’t cause any discomfort. Although they don’t hurt, they grow in size and severity every day. As a cavity grows, it gets closer to the nerve beneath your tooth. If it reaches your nerve, however, it will begin to cause discomfort. At that point, it’s probably too late for a simple filling. Instead, a dentist will likely need to perform root canal therapy. Not to worry though: if you take care of cavities early on, your dentist can help you prevent more expensive dental procedures.

4. Don’t ignore swollen or bleeding gums

Swollen or bleeding gums are often signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease. Both are infections of the gums that can lead to worse complications like tooth loss. If tooth loss occurs, you’ll have to replace your teeth. Taking care of bleeding or swollen gums is an important way to achieve low-cost dentistry.

Visiting your dentist frequently is a great way to help keep an eye on this potential problem. Regular dental visits will help you stay on top of home care and catch any issues before dollar signs start to add up. If you’re not sure what dentist to see, Lincoln Dental Plans recommends Nebraska Family Dentistry which has several locations throughout Lincoln.

5. Enroll in Lincoln Dental Plans if you don’t have dental insurance

Lincoln Dental Plans is designed for patients who do not have dental insurance. For a reasonable price, you and your family can receive two cleanings and exams every year, in addition to necessary x-rays and huge discounts on any necessary treatment. Lincoln Dental Plans gives you and your family access to an affordable dentist who offers top-notch treatment without the hassle of going through insurance companies and sacrificing quality care.

6. Use dental payment plans

If you do need to invest money in your dental treatment, find Lincoln dentist that offers dental payment plans. Lincoln Dentists at Lincoln dental clinics offer dental payment plans in order as a way to allow low –cost dentistry for their patients. Using a dental payment plan can help you get the treatment necessary to restore your oral health without the stress of worrying how you will pay for it all at once, once again leading to affordable dentistry for your family.

7. Find low-cost dentistry at a public health clinic or the college of dentistry

If you do not have dental insurance or are on a tight budget, seeking a public health clinic or dental college might be a good option for you. You will still receive quality, low-cost dental care. Usually, the exchange for low-cost dental care at a public health clinic or a dental college will be worth your time. At a dental college, dental students are usually the ones performing the work under the supervision of their professors. Because they are still in school, a professor must check their work after each step of a procedure. If the professor is with another student, this can keep you waiting until he or she is available. A simple appointment for one or two fillings may cost a bit less if you’re willing to spend the extra time.

A final word about low-cost dentistry:

Saving money and taking care of yourself makes for a win-win situation. Unfortunately, Inexpensive dentists just won’t come to you – It’s typically up to the patient to find low-cost dentistry. Follow these steps, and you might just effectively land yourself affordable dental care!

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