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Here at Lincoln Dental plans, we believe that your overall health goes hand in hand with your dental health. We want you to be able to take care of your dental needs. By doing this, you will be healthier, live longer, and spend less money on your healthcare overall. Lincoln Dental Plans offers the top dental discount plans to anyone without dental insurance. Our dental discount plans have a one-time, affordable membership fee.

This dental plan is not an insurance plan. This is a discounted dental plan, the solution for an affordable dental care.

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Why Choose Lincoln Dental Plans?

Image of the word health. Health is taken seriously at Nebraska Family  Dentistry. For those who don't have insurance, try our quality, low-cost dentistry with Lincoln Dental Plans.

Better Health

Discover the benefits of Lincoln Dental Plans.

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Save Money

Save Money today by becoming a LDP Member.

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We have multiple dental locations that accept Lincoln Dental Plans.

Your Insurance Alternative

Need to have a root canal done? Haven’t had a regular check-up in years? Looking to repair your smile? Just because you don’t have dental insurance, doesn’t mean you should have to go without dental care. Our discount dental plans are meant to help you get the care you need and save you money. We serve Lincoln residents–individuals, families, and seniors. Age is just a number. Don’t let anything stand in the way of great dental care. Bring yourself or the entire family, our Lincoln Dental Clinic dentists and their skilled teams are ready to take care of you!

Dental Discount Plans

These days, finding an affordable dentist is almost impossible. Affordable dental insurance is equally hard to come by. That’s why we created Lincoln Dental Plans with all of these things in mind. We want to give people access to dental discount plans that make a difference. If you can’t find an affordable dentist or are limited by your dental insurance, you’ve come to the right place!

Finding an affordable dentist in Lincoln, Nebraska can prove difficult but don’t worry, we’re here to ease your discomfort. With Lincoln Dental Plans, we can make seemingly expensive dental care affordable. There’s no need to be intimidated by your dentist’s prices anymore.

Regardless of whether you’re new to dental discount plans or just looking for a new plan to enroll in, we can help. If what you are looking for is an affordable dentist who accepts your dental discount plans, we can point you to one of our talented providers. We select only the most skilled dental care professionals in Lincoln. So you can be sure that you’re in excellent, caring hands when you use any one of our partners. We cater to patients all across Lincoln, Nebraska. This means that somewhere near you, there’s an affordable dentist, waiting to help take care of your smile.

LDP Annual Plan $395 Per Year

Lincoln Dental Plans eliminates the need for copays, coinsurance, and other expenses. Instead, you pay a discounted rate for the services you receive. You can use your savings plan to lower costs that go beyond your dental insurance’s regular annual coverage cap.

With a Lincoln Dental Plans membership, you can reap the benefits of cleanings and many other discounted services! See below to learn more about our convenient and affordable dental discount plan that will help make dental treatment affordable for you and your family.

Membership Coverage

Dental X-rays100%
Comprehensive Exam100%
2 Emergency Exams100%
2 Routine Dental Cleanings (Every 12 Months) Coverage100%
Discounts on Select Procedures25%

Lincoln Dental Plans is a Member of Nebraska Family Dentistry

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Lincoln Dental Plans is a proud member of Nebraska Family Dentistry! We provide affordable dental plans to 5 dental practices associated with Nebraska Family Dentistry throughout Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our Partnered Locations


Northstar Dental
(North Lincoln)


Coddington Dental
(West Lincoln)


SouthPointe Dental
(Southwest Lincoln)

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Disclaimer: This dental plan is not an insurance plan. This is a discounted dental plan, the solution for an affordable dental care.